Sunglasses is a Must

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about downsizing my life (read: getting rid of a portion of the copious amount of clothing that has somehow made its way into my wardrobe).  But, no matter how many sweaters and button-downs I can part with willingly, I can’t bring myself to get rid of any of my sunglasses.  Nevermind that I more or less exclusively rotate from a selection of the same few pairs of Ray Bans, one cheapo set from Urban Outfitters and a (found!) pair of Ksubis while the others mostly sit in one of two overflowing drawers in my nightstand.  I just like knowing they’re there if I need them.

Since I am on a temporary sunglasses-buying T.O., I’ve decided instead to include a mini round-up of some of my recent favorites from the current crop of new releases.  See those after the jump.

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