My Own Private (capsule)

If there’s one thing I learned from this season’s awesome (capsule) shows, it’s that it takes a very specific type of man to rock the drop crotch.  But, if there are two things, it’s that there is still so much out there in menswear right now really worth getting excited about.  Between New York, Vegas and Paris, plus Compass for footwear and (capsule) Women’s, hundreds of brands came together to build some serious buzz and get some big exposure.  Favorites like Mark McNairy (who we can thank when we’re all wearing digital camo cargo pants) lived up to the hype and relative newcomers like Norse Projects made a big impact on their own.

So since I’ve had all of 5 hours to reflect on the trade show season since (capsule) Women’s wrapped this evening, what better time than now to check off a list of some of my own personal favorites from these last five shows, after the jump.

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Illesteva Eyewear
January 11, 2010, 11:56 pm
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In case you needed more proof that old people are having the best week ever, the eyewear upstarts at Illesteva have released the lookbook for their Summer 2010 collection and it is chock full o’ the elderly.  The collection was inspired by the golden age of Havana in the 50’s, when the “Latin Las Vegas” brought in all types of high rollers for some living large in the Caribbean.  Bypassing the complications of traveling to Cuba these days, the Illesteva crew instead ventured down to the famous Calle Ocho Boulevard in Miami and employed some of the domino-playing locals to model the frames.  The sunglasses themselves are made from materials ranging from steel, to titanium,  bamboo and acetate.  And, if you’re willing to shell out $2,000, you can even get your hands on a pair of buffalo horn shades with photochromic lenses.  And if you’re not?  Guess you can wait until they make a collection inspired by Atlantic City.

See some more of the lookbook after the jump.

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