Marc Jacobs Mixtapes USB
January 15, 2010, 12:41 am
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I’ve never really been a big fan of Marc Jacobs, for a few different reasons — the persona overshadowing the clothing, the over-the-top celebrity hangers-on, the SpongeBob tattoo — but, I have to admit, he got me with these mixtape USB hubs.  When I first saw these on The Malcolm, I was taken back to making weird mixtapes of Ini Kamoze, the Proclaimers, even Salt-n-Pepa and some other embarrassing things that I won’t name here.  I kept making actual mixtapes even after my dad bought an external CD burner that took something like half an hour to burn one disc.

And these suckers are only $15, so it won’t cost you (or me) a lot to relive childhood memories whilst plugging in your iPod, synching your Blackberry and uploading photos all at once, thanks to the three ports.

So, fine, Marc, you win this round.  And you can go ahead and try me with those ukulele cases, but it’s not going to work!

See some more variations below.

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